FEEL the good.

Have you ever mindlessly ran your hands through your hair and felt the perfect little wave or soft texture… and felt beautiful? Like “hey I FEEL pretty today.” Then you look in the mirror or go to take a selfie… and that little burst of good feeling leaves because your hair is actually frizzy or doesn’t actually look all that good.

How about after a shower… that good, clean feeling after drying off… your legs are really smooth and your skin is soft… and you feel beautiful. Then you look at your image reflected back at you in the slightly dirty bathroom mirror… suddenly noticing all of your “flaws,” the wrinkled skin around your eyes or weight you could stand to lose… and that little burst of good feeling leaves.

25624720_10211273640545869_490031953_oI think that happens more often than not to people. You FEEL beautiful and then you let your eyes overrule that feeling with this perceived standard of beauty. I can definitely attest to this. I probably do it more than once a day. Here I am sitting at work, being productive (until my train of thoughts needed a track to run on), and I ran my hand through my hair and felt really pretty. I went to take a photo to capture the moment, because that’s what we do, and the camera couldn’t capture that feeling of beauty I had… my hair is frizzy and doesn’t really have the beautiful wave to it that I felt.

I love looking pretty, like most people do. I like when others also think I’m pretty. I like when the camera can capture that moment of prettiness. BUT, I think we need to stop letting the mirror, the camera, or another person overrule OUR FEELING of beauty. You can LOOK pretty all day long. Society can think you’re pretty, but what good is it if YOU don’t FEEL pretty or good?

I guess the point of these ramblings is that I hope you don’t let society change and mold you. There’s nothing wrong with being pretty and having the world shout it as long as you feel it. And, there’s nothing wrong with feeling pretty and the world not shouting it. The point is to feel good. Take care of you.

At the end of the day, everyone is caught up in their own worlds. Your world is whatever you make it. If you let the negativity in, that’s on you. We have one life. It’s about the memories you make and the moments in life. It’s about living. So live your best life and feel your best.